No matter how tough we are, one day we will need to take a break. The sailor on the picture above was gone for God knows how long. That also applies to the owner of this blog.

I'm taking a break for a while. I can't promise when I will be back, but for sure it will be a long while. I just need to put myself together, picking up the pieces, and trying to light up the spirit. I admire the people who stick with their passion and manage to have a satisfactory result on it. How I wish my world is that simple. I'm a complicated person, I know it very well. But, before someone realizes his purpose of life in this world, something will always keep on haunting him. I'm in my quest of finding back my life's purpose. It will not be easy, because maybe I will be failed. But at least, one day I can tell to myself, "I have tried my best."

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