Let it snow


Boy! It's been a long time since the last time I updated this blog. I've been very busy. Well, actually, my brain was the one who's been busy. My body was too tired to keep up my brain :D.


The weather outside is very cold. It reached minus 15°C few days ago. That's the reason why I like to stay at home! Although we went to the mountain to slide, but the weather was too cold for my children. The bright side is, during the winter, we have 2 refrigerators :).


Unfortunately, I rarely snaps some food pictures. I am too lazy to make home photo studio. In the meantime, the balcony, 'a studio' where I snap most of my pictures, was too cold. So, if it's not necessary, I would prefer to stay calmly on my comfortable sofa :).

Although I rarely made pictures, but I'd like to join Click event. This month, the theme is Red. I am fortunated. I had some strawberry pictures in my file :) So, here is my entry for the event.


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