What's your favorite color?

What's your favourite color?

Okay, so I've been busy redesigned my kitchen blog, my photo blog and my cake decoration gallery. Is it the reason why I'm so rarely doing "the blogwalking"? I guess so. But mostly, I always fall off to sleep when I put my babies to bed. Unfortunately, I only have free time when the night comes.

I'm not yet finished with the sidebar on this blog. I have to put everything from my old template manually. So please bear with me :).


Tiga serangkai

Oh how I love decorating a cake. We can let our imagination free. I know, cake decorating is about skill. But in my opinion, imagination plays important role.

Pernah suamiku bertanya, "Kamu kok rela sih begadang sampai pagi?". Aku nggak bisa jawab. Apapun yang aku katakan, nggak akan bisa dimengerti oleh suamiku. It's all about passion, Dear. When you do something, do it with passion. Hasilnya akan jauh berbeda.
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