[Top 10 Picked] People in The Beauty of BW

Iam sorry for being so lazy to update my blog. The truth is, I've lost some of my passions after a holiday in my lovely hometown. It feels like half of my soul still stays there. But, life must go on. Thanks for all of you who have been nice to courage me during my "blue" situation.

When I was in college, I paid no interest on photography. It's a bit weird, because as a journalist you should have liked it, or even loved it. But everything changed after the birth of my first baby. Since then, photography has became my passion.

Half of century ago (yeah, it's a hyperbole all right :D), Rita Bellnad from Gift from The Kitchen tagged me with my top 10 picked. If I have to choose my foodie pictures as a rule, then I'm afraid I will have to break the rule. It is not food photography that made me fall in love with photography. But these living "creature" made me fall in it. So it would not be fair if I did not mention them as my truly passion.

See my Top 10 Picked

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